A railway ride into a Redwood forest

Train journeys from one town to another or one city to another; we’ve all done that. How about boarding a train to nowhere but the middle of a forest and back, that too, on an olden-day  steam locomotive? Better still — an open train that chugs through hundreds of thousands… Read>>

Swirl, smell, sip at Picchetti

American Independence day, they say is best celebrated with hot dogs and ice cream or barbecued food. I beg to differ, given that I chose to celebrate the 4 of July that just went by, with Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Merlot among other exotic tastes, at an idyllic location tucked… Read>>

Pictures from Picchetti

Picchetti  is one of the oldest wineries in California. You can read more about the winery, our visit and wine-tasting –> Swirl, Smell, Sip the wine. This post features some pictures from Picchetti Winery, situated on the Santa Cruz Mountains. Come, let me give you a quick tour of the picturesque… Read>>