Culturally rich San Francisco

First time in San Francisco? Ask me what San Francisco is like and I would say its like a kaleidoscope of buildings coated in old-world charm and sky scrapers facaded in glass. A busy yet welcoming city. The roads are a happy riot of swanky vehicles and vintage street cars. Sandwiched… Read>>

Cruising the San Francisco Bay

It was another fine Sunday. It was neither hot nor cold. We were in San Francisco and were about to do a tour of captivating San Francisco and what better way to start than getting into a ferry and cruising the waters of San Francisco Bay! So we drove down Embarcadero… Read>>

Postcard perfect: Seven Sisters or the Painted Ladies

Call them Seven Sisters or the Painted Ladies; these seven beautiful ladies add a dash of unequaled charm to the city called San Francisco. We all know that San Francisco cannot  quite be separated from its Victorian architecture but the Seven Sisters make a picture that will remain imprinted in one’s mind forever. I remember noticing these attractive homes in… Read>>

A slice of Victorian SF

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Lombard the crookedest

It is called the crookedest street in the world. Situated in San Francisco, Lombard Street gets its nickname from the 8 closely placed hair-pin bends that make driving here quite an adventure. Actually Lombard Street runs through 12 blocks but it owes its fame to a quarter mile stretch on Russian… Read>>

A Chinatown Made in San Francisco

Crowded sidewalks. Big and small buildings supporting sloping decorative roofs with upturned corners. Storefronts overflowing with all kinds of merchandise. Streets lined with red and green lamp posts with figures of dragons around them. Shops labelled in the artistic oriental script. And Chinese lanterns strung across the streets I had heard of San… Read>>