San Jose’s Happy Land

Happy Hollow Park

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose has opened its gates again and it is a riot of colours: there’s orange and yellow and green and red all over.

From the metal sculptures at the entrance to the carousal, from the colourful buildings to the rides and the animals in the zoo, this place is sure to enchant you. I sure felt like I was in a happy land, when I set foot there.

Take a look at this:

Happy Hollow Park


Happy Hollow Park
Happy Hollow Park


My little one had a great time doing the rides, watching kids play and seeing the exotic animals in the Happy Hollow zoo. And I just felt happy being there. (Mommyhood really is like Revisiting Childhood.)

Would I recommend this place? Oh yes. It’s a happy place, true to its name.

Happy Hollow Park

Official site — Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

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