The Hamilton drive

We’ve been living in the SF Bay Area for almost three years now, yet I don’t know why we never really thought of going up Mount Hamilton although we had known about it. A few weeks ago that trip did ultimately happen and I am so glad it did.

Mt Hamilton lies on the Diablo Range and the drive up to the top was one to remember. As we were going from the San Jose side, we took California State Route 130 that took us all the way up to the mountain. The ascent started just as we turned into Mt. Hamilton Road from Alum Rock Avenue. The narrow two lane highway took us past some lovely homes and some quiet ranches. The few four-wheelers we came across during the drive up, were largely outnumbered by motorcyclists and bikers who were obviously celebrating the good weather with an adventurous uphill ride.

The drive to Mt. Hamilton is definitely not easy considering the narrow roads, blind curves and the many bicyclists who shared the road, but the rewards are the sight of  pretty wild flowers lining the roads and more importantly enchanting views of the Santa Clara Valley.

If you saw the width of the roads and all the curves on it and you would wonder what you would do if you had an emergency and wanted to pull over. I must say I was thankful for the few places that allowed us do just that, as our little one had a few bouts of throwing up. The ascent is not a gradual one, so if driving through hills makes you sick you might have to second-think this trip. However if you brave that nausea, you’re in for some exotic sights.

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  1. Great to see the pics…and don't you think these cyclists are simply amazing! I wish I could do what they do on these mountains (I barely cycle from home to school)…

    Nice pics, though I wish some were bigger in size…

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