From the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco

With Dragons, Lion Dances and traditional Chinese song-and-dance, Chinese New Year parades happen everywhere. The largest one outside China happens to be a few miles from where I currently live. Cosmopolitan San Francisco boasts of being home to the biggest Chinese community outside China (Read – A Chinatown Made in … Read>>

Where to spot Hollywood Royalty in Hollywood

Jim Carey @ Tussauds, Hollywood When you make a trip to Hollywood, you wish you would bump into the who’s who of tinsel town or at least catch a glimpse of a few of them. Unfortunately they don’t hang out on Hollywood Boulevard or Universal Studios. Take a Beverly Hills … Read>>

Colour | Culture | Celebration

I had never been to a Lunar New Year celebration, so when I heard Kristen Sze of ABC7 Morning News talk about the event in Redwood City, CA, I jumped at the idea.  So that weekend, there we were — at Redwood City. The Lunar New Year celebration was taking … Read>>