Cherry Blossoms at the Japanese Tea Garden

Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco.
Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco.

I remember the first time I saw Cherry Blossoms; it was in my mind’s eye. I was reading Memoirs of a Geisha and Arthur Golden (the author) had created such a beautiful picture with words that when I saw the movie of the same name a few years later, it was nothing short of a deja vu.

Cherry blossoms and the Japanese cannot quite be separated from each other.  A symbol of the Japanese spirit, these pretty flowers can be seen in most Japanese Gardens. Cherry blossoms or Sakura to the Japanese, symbolise clouds and that is exactly what they look like if you were to step into a garden of cherry trees in the Spring. Owing to their short life, these blossoms are also associated with ‘mortality.’

This spring, I just ‘had to’ see some Cherry blossoms so we headed to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. Here’s what I brought back for the readers of Tipsy from the Trip:

Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco.
Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco.
Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco.
Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco.

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  1. Hey, that was beautiful just like the cherry blossoms! I didn't know how close these were to the Japanese ethos. Great photographs too!

    • Thank you USP.
      It was only recently that I learnt that the Cherry trees in Washington DC were actually gifted by Japan, as a sign of friendship :). Yeah…the Japanese and cherry trees/cherry blossoms have an age-old connection.

  2. Cherry blossoms are incredibly beautiful.

  3. …another marvellous post, Divya, I'm delighted:) The pics and the narration are grrreatt!!

  4. again i had to do a little research. your posts are quite complicated for people like me :D.

    loved those photographs!!

  5. Superb pics and very well penned it

  6. Though I read so many English poems on the cherry in bloom, I understood their beauty only now – wonderful shots. Thanks.

  7. Beautiful pictures. I didn't know about the relationship between the Japanese and the Cherry. Nice to know. 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for these lovely sights!!

  9. Besides being a visual delight your posts have so much knowledge! Really love the way you present!

  10. Cherry Blossoms is San Fransisco? Too bad I missed them!

    Lovely captures, btw.

    • oh 🙁
      I think you'll find them in just about any Japanese Garden. Try to catch sight of some next spring.
      Thank you Purba. Nice to see you here.

  11. such pristine white! beautiful

  12. Lovely pics! just one doubt! why is it called Japanese 'Tea' Garden? Do we really go down to a garden for a tea in japan!

    Cherry blossoms are always beautiful! they are breathtaking to watch! nice pics D!

    • Thank you Mr. Wind. ;).
      Yes,Japanese gardens were supposed to have been a luxury at one point of time; I read that ages ago, these gardens(back in Japan) were not exactly open to the public and was mainly for the elite.
      But this Tea Garden here in SF, has been an initiative to showcase somethings Japanese. That includes a Japanese Tea House, where they still serve Japanese Tea. Isn't that cool.

    • Its an elaborate ritual to drink tea in Japan, you need a whole hour to drink it, courtesy "Memoirs of a Geisha"! They slowly brew the tea then the slowly pour the tea then they slowly drink the tea, It makes me quiet envious that they have all the time in the world to enjoy a cup of tea when we obviously in our hurry don't even enjoy our life!

      Now one important question! How was the tea? Good? I never had a Japanese tea the Japanese style! So?

    • I didn't get to try it that day. But will do that some day and will let you know Mr. Wind.

  13. Beautiful and I just remember one thing about it, the shoe polish and the Charlie Chaplin Ad…

    Lovely shots and narration.

    • You mean from the movie? I don't quite remember that :). It's been a while. I guess the only reason I remember the scenes with the Cherry blossoms was that that image had been etched in my mind. It was exactly how I imagined it to be. 🙂
      Thank you so much, Saru. 🙂

  14. The Japs do know the way of doing things right… and Im not just talking about Gardens.

  15. remember the scene from the movie… lovely pics.

  16. Hope you will be visiting again the Japanese Tea Garden before the harvest season when the cherry is red and ripe to cover those pictures.
    Great Photos D.Nambiar….
    and great descriptions…

  17. They are very beautiful 🙂
    The link between Japanese and Cherry is indeed new to me.
    Thank you so much for the post.

  18. lovely post Divya. I liked the images here, I am yet to visit one good Japanese garden, but this one surely looks awesome!

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