Motion Sickness: Acupressure wrist bands to the rescue!

Are you one of those people who do not enjoy travelling simply because ‘movement’ makes you sick? Do winding roads and Ghat Sections make you dread those trips to breathtaking hill stations? Do you hate having to pop those pills just before you set out on a road trip or… Read>>

A birthday party on San Jose’s Streets

Another Fourth of July came and went. This time we put the (US) national holiday to good use by attending a traditional Fourth of July Parade. We looked up the events happening in the South Bay (area) and narrowed it down to the one in San Jose (CA) conducted by… Read>>

Fair fun and Fair food at 100th Alameda County Fair

Summer in the United States means, family vacations, camping, beach-going  and COUNTY FAIRS. If you have plans to visit in the summer and you want to try out some typical American Fair Food this is your chance. Look up fairs around where you are visiting and go have a full… Read>>