World’s tallest free-standing totem pole!

A  few miles north of the Drive Thru Chandlier Tree is another tourist attraction literally nestled among  Redwood Trees of North California — a place called Confusion Hill (in Piercy, California). What drew us there was a structure that made it to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not list as the tallest free-standing totem pole in the world.

Tallest free-standing totem pole, Legget, CA
World’s tallest free-standing totem pole

According to a board I found near this totem pole, this piece of art was carved out of a dead redwood tree. It is said to have taken a man three months to carve out this 44-foot tall wooden structure with the help of a chain saw. It also goes on to say, (quote) There are many taller totem poles but they were cut down and carved, then set back upright. So this is the world’s tallest, free-standing redwood chainsaw carving (unquote).

Apparently the pole with just the carvings of the bears is 40 feet tall and along with the ‘World Famous Confusion Hill’ sign it adds up to 44 feet. There seemed to be no mention of who carved this pole but another board that marks Confusion Hill as a ‘California State Point of Historical Interest’ says that the pole came into being in 1994.

Confusion Hill also has a few other things for visitors to check out like a Gravity House and a Train Ride through Redwood Forests, both of which we did not do that day. As we have already taken the Redwood Train in Felton (Roaring Camp Railroads) and also visited Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, these didn’t sound too inviting. Moreover it was almost evening and we wanted to have a look at One-log House before we turned south again.


Confusion Hill is around 10 miles north of Drive Thru Tree Park, Legget.

The address – 75001, Highway 101, Piercy, CA, according to the official site. But Google maps says 75001, Legget, CA. Some navigation systems may not show these addresses. Just drive up 101 North and a few miles from Legget, you’ll spot the sign board. Also look for the tall wooden structure. The destination will be on the right.

Official Site Here

Note: California is home to another Totem Pole (not free -standing) which is considered to be one of the tallest in the world. This one is said to be 160 ft tall. I haven’t been there yet, so I leave you with this link –

If you haven’t visited my previous post, you might want to do so and see the tree with a tunnel that an SUV can go through. Here – A date with Drive Thru Tree.

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  1. That is a perfect post about the totem pole. You have photographed it well.

    • Thanks USP. I had to photshop that first picture a little bit. There were too many shadows (of all those tall redwood trees) falling on the totem pole making it really dark. I thought I messed it up by brightening it. 🙂

  2. This sure was interesting, Divya:)

  3. Haha Nice.. I like the Bear costumes the most. Should be fun walking around in those 🙂

  4. Loved those bears and their attires. This is an interesting pole. Great work by the person who created it. Nice post Divya!!

  5. Lovely picture DN 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this information, though I missed the chance to go on PCH. So, I couldn't pay a visit to this place. Maybe next time 🙂



  6. now that is something beautiful.. oh god my list of places to visit is becoming bigger and bigger and biggerrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  7. Funky… I like how it's all bears and not like a usual Totem pole

    • When I first heard of this pole, I expected a pole with some strange faces but it turned out to be a fun-looking pole. I was also under the impression that totem poles had something to do with worship. I just learned that there never was anything religious about it. They say totem poles talk of history and ancestry and things like that.
      This pole in Confusion hill however just seemed to scream California and Redwoods. 🙂

  8. Amazing work! Sad that the name of the artist is not known.

  9. Great info! Thanks for showing.

  10. very interesting… we in India need to learn so many things on how to market tourist talking points…

  11. Confusion Hill, surely there has to be a story behind that too? Love the grizzlys on the pole, DN.

    • You're right. I understand that it's got these 'seemingly' gravity-defying things to show. You've probably been to Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, right? This place is also said to be something like that. 🙂
      The bears are damn cute! 🙂

  12. Very interesting place.

  13. Such a nature friendly place 😀

  14. It is quite an achievement-carving at the height of 40 ft.It is very colorful & different too.Thanks Divya.

  15. interesting….totem poles are anyways interesting..and a free standing one is definitely interesting!!

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  17. Very interesting! Great picture too. 🙂

  18. Interesting & informative tit bit. The bears on the totem pole: black bear or grizzly?

  19. Interesting Picture, This Totem Pole is reminding me of my Electronics Book

  20. This is so very awesome! A pretty unconventional monument! so cool!

  21. btw, it would be awesome if you could have an RSS to email option on your blog… I prefer keeping track of my favorite bloggers that way!

  22. Wonderful, the concept of a totem pole was something new for me. The creativity of the artist is truly commendable. Many thanks for sharing it here 🙂

  23. This looks like a fantastic place D 🙂

    • The plan was actually to see Chandelier Tree (the tree with the tunnel) but since this totem pole was not too far away from there, we thought we'd check it out. And then we also went to see something else close to this Totem pole place and that is even more fascinating. Shall write about it soon.
      I hope you are doing well.

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