Pictures from a Pumpkin Patch

PS: The above pictures are from ABC Tree Farms’ Sunnyvale Patch.

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  1. Even though am not a big pumpkin fan, it is nice to see a lot of colour out there.

  2. Lovely alluring pics of pumpkins , Divya:)

  3. Very colorful pictures… with all the NRIs returning to India Halloween is not celebrated in pockets in big cities in India. Most people forget that it is a pre Christian pagan festival also celebrated in agrarian communities in India. I remember it as a child in north India where boys will carry a small clay toy and girls a clay lantern with a lighted lamp and go from home to home to ask for money. It was called Tesu and Jhanjee… forgotten… now…check twitter Desi Traveler…for one of the Kids photo taken on Halloweeen.. phew long comment…

    • Oh, I see. Nice to learn about Tesu and Jhanjee. That was news to me. Thank you for sharing that info with us. I'm guessing the lanterns were carried so as to ward off evil spirits. I'm also reminded of the Chinese New year; they also do that, don't they?

      See you on twitter, Desi Traveler. Thank you for the long comment. 🙂 Thank you once again for sharing that info.

  4. pls.. pls read halloween is now celebrated….in first line

  5. wowo such big huge pumpkins , and lovely pictures


    • Thank you Bikram. 🙂 You should see the pumpkins they take for weigh offs. They are humongous. I've only seen them on TV, though. 🙁
      If I do get to see them, I'll surely put up the pictures.

  6. interesting pumpkins…

    happy Diwali…


  7. Some of them are really huge eh?

  8. Wow, those are really big and juicy pumpkins. Lovely clicks 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Which place is this?



  9. Terrific! They had a pumpkin carving festival here in Germany as well. Mostly people with kids had registered. I am not a kid or have no kid.So i didn't have the courage to turn up. Wish I had some more company of adults in in US though. I guess this would be so much fun even to adults 🙂

  10. Man.. those are some big pumpkins. Did you take a couple of them home for some pumpkin-carving and some err… errisery? 😀

    • Errisery? hahaha! Actually that's a great idea. Next time, for sure. :D.

      I actually did want to try carving one this year. But the trip to a pumpkin patch happened really late, so I just gave up the idea. It was almost Halloween and we were busy getting ready for a week-long trip. I'm carving one next year; that's for sure. If it's not too ugly, I'll put it up on my other blog.

  11. Haloween is a festival that fascinates me a lot. 🙂 What with the different characters and costumes. And I love pumpkins and the way they are designed into various shapes. Lovely captures here. Hope you had a wonderful and fun filled haloween. 🙂

    And wish u a very very happy diwali too. 🙂

    • We didn't do anything much this Halloween. Didn't even get to dress up the little one. I wanted to try a hand at some pumpkin carving and that didn't happen too :(. But yeah, Halloween can be a really fun affair.

      Thanks Raj, Happy Diwali to you too.

  12. Lovely captures!! The ambiance comes through!

    • Thank you Magiceye. The patch really was a beautiful sight thanks to those pumpkins. I had never seen this many pumpkins in one place, so couldn't help taking these pictures. 🙂

  13. WOW…Such delicious pumpkins!I love pumpkin soup and this is the season to make it….Very interesting pics, Divya. Haven't seen this variety in India…

    • With all the pumpkin carving talk going on, I'd almost forgotten that we could cook up some great dishes with these pumpkins :D. Pumpkin soup sounds good; a friend of mine was telling me she made it a couple of days ago.

      Yeah, even I've not seen this variety back home. When my mom was returning home after her visit here she took back some seeds of another kind of Pumpkin also not found around there. She planted them and says it is doing very well. 🙂

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