To Happy Hawaii-days!*

Tropical Islands in the middle of the great Pacific. Where the land is a happy picture of green rainforests, black lava rocks, black and red-sand beaches, not to mention the white sands. There’s even a salt-and pepper-beach. Men and women attired in colourful clothes with big floral prints or pictures of leaves and fruits. Flip Flops are definitely the most appropriate footwear in this part of the world. No wonder, in some parts we call them Hawaii Slippers.  Hawaii! that is exactly where I would chose to take my family to, if I were to plan the happiest of vacations.

We’ve been to Hawaii once. We would love to go there again and again and again. Who would tire of beaches and the blue of the largest ocean on earth. The 50th state of the US of A is also home to dormant and active volcanoes, mystical history and rich culture. If I could, I would visit these islands every year. I just cannot get enough of the music from the strings of the ukulele, the mellifluous songs and the enticing hula dances. 

Moreover there is so much more for us to do in the Aloha state: go see the Pearl Harbor and Kamehameha Statue in Oahu, visit the Spouting Horn and Waimea Canyon in Kauai, drive through Hana in Maui and make sure to check out the red sand beach there. 

Honestly we wouldn’t mind revisiting Big Island and doing all that we did the last time we were there; like go on a volcano tour, walk through a Lava Tube and all that. It would also be great to see the parts we didn’t get to see; like the northernmost part of the island. Every nook and corner of Hawaii is sure to bring joy.

Let me tell you there are other reasons as to why this is a really happy place.  The energy on the Hawaiian Islands is unique. It’s something I haven’t felt anyplace else. Everybody is exchanging Alohas (hello/greetings) and Mahalos (Thank you). Everybody seems to be in a holiday mood, not just the holidayers but even the people who live and work there. It’s like their life is one big holiday.

Hawaii is definitely first on my list of happy destinations. Really, where in the world can you stick a huge hibiscus or a plumeria in your hair and walk about in bathroom slippers, and still have people exchange pleasantries with you?

*This post was written for the ‘Creating Happy Travellers’ blogging contest put up by on

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  1. Nice to read your post.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seriously that hawaii chapal thing is so true 😛

    I wish I can go there once…Lovely narration and good luck, Dee. 🙂

  3. Aloha… Hawaii… now who would not be happy visiting there? All the best for the contest…

  4. Undoubtedly a lovely destination on my wish list too!Your post makes me want to be there on next holiday, Divya:)Best of luck!

    • You will love this place, that's for sure. The sights are great but the energy there is unique. You'll feel it when you go there. I'm already waiting to read your travel stories from the Aloha state. 🙂

      Thanks a ton, Mr Bhatia. 🙂

  5. Hawaii, another great destination i would love to visit
    Regards 🙂

  6. Hawaii sounds super exciting. From whatever I have heard, read and seen of it, Hawaii seems a mesmerising land. Am sure you would head there again.

    • It has a character of its own. There's so much colour and so much culture and so much to do. In many parts the greenery reminded me of the state we hail from. 🙂

      I would love to visit again; there's so much more to see, and so much more to do. And I'd love to experience the Hawaiian spirit any number of times.

      I strongly recommend a holiday here. You should make it happen sometime, Niranjan.

  7. Very exotic place indeed!!

    Best wishes!

  8. Hawaii always sounds so exotic!!
    Clean clear beaches and great weather!
    I hope you get to explore it again 🙂

    Best wishes Divya 🙂

  9. Aha, hawaaaaaiiii. I envy you. U hav already been there.

    • Welcome here, Ritesh. It's a very interesting place, believe me. I'd love to go there again and again as I say in the post. The atmosphere there is really refreshing.

      I read your post for the contest and I agree — Rajasthan is another place you can visit again and again. 🙂 I love Rajasthan.

      All the best, Ritesh.

  10. beautiful place… nice info and photos…

    first photo resemblance a rural Kerala landscape


    • It is a beautiful place. Some parts of it do look Kerala because of its tropical vegetation. All those coconut trees reminded me of home. I even got to see some Cassia Fistula (konna) trees. 🙂

      And some parts of the islands are just black from volcanic activity.

      Thank YOU, Krishna. 🙂

  11. Great pic of hulu dance. Good luck 🙂

  12. Hawaii is a wonderful & fascinating place & Hawaiian dances are beautiful ! Hope I get to visit one day.

  13. I think the key to enjoying any place is to explore each and every nook and corner of that place. Some nice pictures here.

    • I guess. It also depends on what your tastes are and what makes you feel happy, that's what I think. And some places really do have a special something that lifts up your spirits. 🙂

      Thank you, Haddock. 🙂

  14. You sure make it sound like a fascinating destination. Lovely pictures.

  15. Nice post and pics, A G+ for ur post and Have a Nice Day. . . 🙂

  16. very nice blog you write…

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