To Hamilton

California 130 – The road to Mt. Hamilton

Mt Hamilton is one of the tallest mountains on the Diablo Range in California. California State Route 130 is the road that will take you from San Jose to the top of the mountain, which is also the home of Lick Observatory. The scenic drive has several sights to show: rolling mountains, grazing cattle, loads of wild flowers on either sides of the road (if it is Spring) and a bird’s eye view of Silicon Valley. 

Best time to do this drive – In the Spring

More about the drive (with pictures) – The Hamilton Drive
You might also want to check out – Lick Observatory


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  1. Looks like a wonderful drive. ..those yellow flowers remind me of Punjab ke Sarson flowers

    • The mustard flower! Right? Yellow flowers are really pretty.
      It's a good drive, quite an adventurous one. And once you get to the top, you are in for some great views. You should do it when you travel to the Bay Area.

  2. Nice pics Divya. I love long drives and sadly that's impossible in Singapore 🙂

  3. Beautifully composed and shot!

  4. Great. One day I am going to drive up till there

  5. The pleasures of a long drive are far too many, Divya:) Lovely pics!

  6. That is an idyllic image, except for the power lines above. I loved the road twisting on the hills on the Hamilton Drive linked form this post.

    • Hmm…yes, those power lines do mar that picture.
      It was a great drive. And those yellow flowers gave me a such a high; had to take some pics during the drive.

      You checked out that post? 🙂 That picture of the winding roads, is one of my favourites too. That sight is imprinted in my mind.

      Thank you USP.

  7. Lovely smooth road, it is going to be a pleasant drive.

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