The Lone Cypress

Called the Lone Cypress, this tree is believed to have survived in its rocky environs for over 250 years. This tree can be seen when you go on the 17 Mile Drive in Monterey, California. Linked to OurWorldTuesday Places near The Lone Cypress/ 17 Mile Drive You might also want… Read>>

A whale of bones!

Blue Whale Skeleton  I’ve never seen a Blue Whale. However, I was fortunate enough to see the skeleton of the ‘largest living creature’ at Seymour Marine Discovery Center at Santa Cruz, California. Below is a picture of a Blue Whale’s scull. If you like this post, you might also want… Read>>

Stop and smell the roses

A place to stop and smell the roses — literally. This picture is from San Jose’s Municipal Rose Garden, a place the city would like to call the ‘Best Rose Garden in America‘ for it got that recognition in 2010.*Another interesting fact about this Rose Garden is that it is… Read>>