The Lone Cypress

Lone Cypress

Called the Lone Cypress, this tree is believed to have survived in its rocky environs for over 250 years. This tree can be seen when you go on the 17 Mile Drive in Monterey, California.

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Places near The Lone Cypress/ 17 Mile Drive

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  1. Wow, that's an amazing click!

  2. Nice. I saw a similar one in Gokarna. A coconut tree jutting from the rocks.

  3. 17-miles drive is beautiful! Lone cypress at sunset is one beautiful sight!

    • Yeah it is. We did the drive twice. I'm sure anybody who loves the sea (and seaside drives) will love the drive. I'm sure Lone Cypress looks great at sunset; must see that sometime. You have pics, Kusum? I'll come by and look for it. 🙂

  4. Nature continues to amaze me……..

  5. Wow, its nice photo and info


  6. Wow! That is one long life!
    At times like this I strongly wish trees could speak.

  7. Very nice picture, Divya!

  8. Nice ! Have been there last year and it's a beautiful view as you captured. I loved the 17 Mile drive where this tree is located. I had shared a few pics of Lone Cypress and 17 Mile drive –

  9. How poetic! I loved it!

  10. Great capture and I second AmitAag. The image is a great prompt for poetry 🙂

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