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While we were in Hawaii, we stayed at a very nicely-done up property on the west coast of Big Island. Here is a postcard-perfect sight from Hilton Waikaloa Village: a Pacific Ocean view, coconut palms and a Golf Course. Could one ask for more when on an anniversary-holiday?

 There’s nothing quite like a room with a view of the Pacific Ocean, or is there?

Pacific Ocean view, Waikaloa Village

Pacific Ocean from Hilton Waikaloa Village

This is one of my most favourite photographs from Waikaloa Village. Oh yes, I do have other pictures from this Hawaiian retreat. Hilton Waikaloa Village is a destination by itself, so it need a post of it’s own. You can read about it and see the sights– here

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  1. Ah!! Beautiful view indeed!
    The way those leaves are swaying in the breeze caught my eyes 🙂

  2. The sky, the water, the green horizon, the plants are amazing..must say a picture perfect..

  3. Wow, spectacular view. Are you presently there?

    • Nope, nomad. That's from a trip a while ago.
      With the littlest one keeping me busy, I'm going to be doing some more photo posts like this. Don't we travel bloggers have more pics than we can use in our posts. 😉

      Hey, thank you. 🙂

  4. What a view! I know that has to be a great place to holiday, even if you just sit and watch the water!

    • Exactly! I could spend a whole weekend sitting there on that balcony looking out at that view and enjoying the ocean breeze. Oh and then, there's the Pacific sunsets. 🙂

      Welcome to Tipsy From the Trip, Betty.

  5. Fantastic view! I would love to sit in that balcony and daydream.

  6. A marvelous shot. Gorgeous and lovely.
    Best regards, Synnöve

  7. This is a gorgeous frame!!

  8. I can imagine myself sitting in that balcony and enjoying my morning cup of tea and the splendid view 🙂

  9. Splendid! Wish I were there…

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