Our World: Tulip Time

If it is April and you find yourself in Oregon or Washington — remember it is time for Tulips — you might want to treat yourself to this gorgeous sight:

Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon

Some Tulip events you could check out:
Skagit Tulip Festival, Washington
Woodland Tulip Festival, Washington
Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest, Oregon

Next post on Tipsy From The Trip: A full post and more pictures from the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest in Woodburn, Oregon.

You can see the sights here A Tulip Fest or a visual Feast?

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Have you been to a Tulip Fest? Would you like to tell us about it? The comment section is all yours. 🙂

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  1. WOWOW.. and tulips are one of my favourite flowers toooo ..


  2. Blooming time. Nice shot, Divya.

  3. Wow a little Dutch countryside in Oregon….beautiful colors and the windmill makes it so authentic…

  4. How cheery and lovely.

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