A Tulip Fest or a visual feast?

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest

“Ten thousands saw I at a glance
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.” *

Only they weren’t Daffodils, but Tulips. The Daffodils were almost out of season and the Tulips had taken center stage. The place was Wooden Shoe Tulip Farms and the occasion was the annual Tulip Fest that Woodburn, Oregon is proud of.

It was only recently that I learnt that the Pacific Northwest was home to several Tulip Farms and that April was the month for these pretty flowers. That also meant that it was the season for Tulip festivals around here. My wish to visit one of these festivals only grew stronger and stronger till I decided I just had to it. And honestly — it took a while to decide which one to go to.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest

Having zeroed in on the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest, we drove down to Woodburn, which is around 30 miles south of Portland. After a drive through the busy Interstate 5 and some of Oregon’s quiet countryside, we finally turned into what looked like an outdoor party in the middle of nowhere.

There were tulips everywhere: in pots that adorned the farm’s buildings, the gift shops and in the hands of the visitors. There was even a game area where players shot paintballs at cutouts of Tulips. The best part of the day was definitely the Tulip fields.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest
Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest
Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest

This part of the farm, which stretches over 40 acres just might make a poet out of one or remind them of one. You know what the fields did to me. πŸ™‚ Now I can imagine how overwhelmed Wordsworth must have been when he saw that crowd of daffodils. Here at the Wooden Shoe Tulip fields there were tens of thousands of Tulips dancing in the Spring breeze. It was a very pretty picture. The Tulips were not just in red and yellow but purple, orange, white and every other colour that these flowers come in. And I believe it was the fact that they were planted in a colour pattern that made the scene such a feast to my eyes.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest


Toilets: Yes. (Several sets of Portable ones)

FoodΒ (and drinks and snacks): available.

Transportion: There are buggy rides to the fields (from the parking lot). The pathways are stroller and wheelchair-friendly if you wouldn’t mind a bumpy ride.

Other: There are craft stalls and lots of amusement for the little ones (in the form of slides andΒ Jump-houses).

Please note: The Wooden Shoe’s Annual Tulip Fest 2014 winds up this weekend. For further info. you can look up their official site.

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  1. It would had been a wonderful day for you..such amazing flowers..wish someday I would be able to witness this fest..A lovely post because I love tulips..:)

  2. WOW is all I can say.. such a visual delight.. reminds me of Big B and Rekha's famous song from Silsila… we desi's love our Bollywood memories

  3. Absolutely fabulous. It is a riot of colours out there. You feel as though you are at the centre of a palette. Awesome post, Nambiare!

    • A riot of colours, it was, Niranjan..
      I feel so fortunate to have been to a Tulip Farm. It was such a 'happy' experience. I'm sure you can see that. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for that lovely comment, Nomad.

  4. Very nice. A visual delight indeed!

  5. Lovely series of photos!

  6. So SO beautiful!
    Very pleasing to eyes.

  7. Wow what a riot of colours! Beautifully captured too!!

  8. Wordsworth would have written those lines on Tulips if he were there:)
    Wonderfully captured!

  9. tulips are my favourits .. sadly it has rained so much here that my garden has none πŸ™

    beautiufl pictures


  10. Magical! Missed this one Divya:)

  11. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these snaps! Tulips…they are so Beautiful!
    This is a tulip pic I painted some time back…one of my commissioned work..

  12. Sigh! Those acres of tulips stretching out makes the heart go ballistic! Mine did in Srinagar! you have captured them so beautifully.

  13. Dekha ek khwab to ye silsile hue … door tak nigah me hain gul khile hue …
    This is the best I can say Dee..
    absolute heaven !
    Love is in the air <3 <3

  14. This is such an amazing post Chechi. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ loved all the pictures. This is definitely a mini- Keukenhof πŸ™‚ For all my USA friends, i am surely recommending this one . Shall share your post with them πŸ™‚

    • This was such a pretty place and seeing all these tulips is an experience I will never forget.

      Feel free to share it. There are a few more good places in the Pacific Northwest where you can see tulips.

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  17. It makes me wonder how Wordsworth missed out on tulips, or if he has written about them, I have missed the poems. Perhaps no one drove him to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest? Syliva Plath, on the other hand, did write a poem that will haunt it’s readers.

    Amazing photographs, Divya.

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