Rainbow, Waldo or Robin Williams?

To some of us, this is the Rainbow Tunnel just a few miles north of the world-famous landmark called Golden Gate Bridge. This tunnel on US 101 is actually called the Waldo Tunnel, supposedly named after a politician of the 1850s. Now, this tunnel in Marin County may have a change of name and … Read>>

OurWorld: Greek and Roman touch to San Francisco

  Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. That is what this exquisite piece of art is called. This structure, which takes inspiration from Greek and Roman architecture was originally built for the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915. It continues to give San Francisco a Greek and Roman touch.  Today, the … Read>>

A hike into Elephant Seal territory

If Winter has passed it means breeding season is done and it is time for molting. Spring and Summer months mean a good time to visit Elephant Seal habitat because this is when the Northern Elephant seals settle down on shore, bask in the warm sun and let go their … Read>>

A Walk in the Park: Central Park, Santa Clara

This is Santa Clara’s own Central Park. All of 50 odd acres, this park in California’s Bay Area is a pretty place, which is well landscaped with lawns, water fountains and all. The park’s proximity to several residential areas makes it a good place for a stroll, for little ones … Read>>