What’s in it for the little travellers?

Driving through scenic routes, checking out eerie buildings, walking through a lava tube, watching whales of the great pacific, taking an open jeep safari into a wildlife sanctury, trekking more than a couple of miles to see elephant seals at their breeding station, looking down from swooning heights, strolling through … Read>>

Small Town America | Ridgefield – WA at Christmas

Last Christmas was a cold foggy day in Ridgefield-WA. But it was not unpleasant for a morning stroll. So we, along with my bestie’s family drove to the city and walked around the downtown area for a while, taking in Ridgefield at Christmas. The City of Ridgefield lies north of … Read>>

Catching light and shadows on snow

Catching some light on snow, Maroon Bells, Colorado. Caught: some light and shadows on the snow, one November morning at Maroon Bells in Colorado — for this week’s ‘Catching the Light.’ These photographs Β travel photos are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Maroon Bells is considered. Visit … Read>>