VistaPoint Chamundi | See Mysore and Beyond

Chamundi Hills in Mysore lists high on the places to see in the cultural capital of Karnataka. The over-3000 ft tall hill can be seen from various parts of the city. Go up the hill and you can see all of the city of Mysore and more. Here are some Chamundi… Read>>

Catching some afternoon light on I-5

Catching some light on the road to Los Angeles. (Added later) The same image cropped to remove the reflection on the glass. Here’s another picture from the same highway– Catching some evening light on I-5 Linking to the meme–  Catching the light For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The Trip on… Read>>

Zooming In: Chamundi Hill

Mysore’s Chamundi Hills is one of the bigger attractions in this royal city. And the attractions on top of this hill include a statute of the demi-god Mahishasura, Chamundeshwari temple, a Nandi statue and sweeping views of Mysore from the top of the hill. When you get to Chamundi Hill,… Read>>

Catching some light on Mamalahoa Highway

The road to Kona, HI (from Punaluu Black Sand Beach). This week for ‘Catching the Light,’ I’ve pulled an all-time favourite from the travel album. This one is from my Hawaii trip a few years back and it is a photograph of the evening sun falling on a wet Mamalahoa… Read>>

Catching some sundown-light

Just after a sunset at Sunset Beach in Watsonville, California. Linking to the meme: Catching the light You might also like: Sunset at Sunset Beach For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The Trip on  Facebook.  Come, Trip with us. 😉  You may also like — Sunset at Sunset Beach Pinto Lake:… Read>>