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Weeping Cherry Tree, Japanese Garden, Portland.

Spring is almost synonymous with flowers.  Ever since I got to see Cherry Blossoms at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, it’s what comes to mind first when the season rolls in. I yearn for the sight of those pretty white flowers that cloud its trees and turn the whole place into a fairytale-like setting.

Did you know that Cherry blossoms last for only about a fortnight and for the Japanese, it symbolizes the brevity of human life?

Cherry trees are an integral part of Japanese gardens — world over — so you know where to head, if you want to see these prettiest of pretty blossoms.

Last Spring I was in the Pacific Northwest and my desperation to see cherry blossoms led me to Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. I was quite disappointed not seeing those pretty white flowers, for the major part of my walk through the garden. I was almost out of there, when my eyes fell on a flowering tree that was cloaked in pink flowers.

It was only later that I learn that this flowering tree that stood out from its green neighbourhood was also a cherry tree; the Weeping Cherry Tree to be precise.

Weeping Cherry Tree
Cherry Blossoms, Weeping Cherry Tree, Portland
Cherry Blossoms, Weeping Cherry Tree
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  1. The are beautiful trees and lovely blossoms.. Beautiful images and post. Have a happy week!

  2. Gorgeous shots of the blossoms. I do love Japanese sakura.

  3. Beautiful fragile looking tree!
    You were of the same mind as I – This week I posted our walk in the Japanese Tea garden in San Francisco!

    • And the flowers also looks so delicate, don't they.
      Oh yeah? 🙂
      I'm sure the Japanese Tea Garden looks absolutely beautiful. I so wish I could see those beautiful white flowers there. The one is Portland didn't seem to have that many cherry trees.
      I'll come by and see your pictures, Jeannette.

  4. They epitomise Spring, such a beautiful tree.

  5. Wonderful images ~ love the cherry tree ~ great shots!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. Hi! Nice captures. I thought you came to our country. Thanks for sharing.

    • 🙂 Thank you, Minoru.

      They are so, so gorgeous. Have you put up pictures from your part of the world? I would love to see these blossoms. I just can't seem to have my fill of it

  7. I love the cherry blossoms. Your trees look very old.

    • Me too. 🙂
      Does it? I believe it is that kind that doesn't get very tall. It might be old. And when I visited it, it seemed to have lost some of its flowers already.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful blossoms, wow!

  9. Weeping or White – I love the sight. I've been to that garden – it's beautiful.

  10. Beautiful ! We have lots of Japanese cherry trees here in Waterloo too, even in our street. But they are far away from blooming, it's still cold and winter here !

    • Even on your street? You are very fortunate. 🙂
      I hope warmer days are there soon and you get to see those precious blossoms.
      Have a great week, Gattina.

  11. I haven't seen cherry blossoms, but seen its cousins. That tree is very beautiful at that stage, but it looked so pitiful with the lots of prunings it has been through!

  12. Gorgeous they are! Lovely captures, Divya. 🙂

  13. Awesome shots and I didn't know those facts about the tree. I always wondered why they shed flowers so soon.

  14. It looks so so so exquisite.

  15. I love these flowers as well 🙂 They look amazing even when they fall off and carpet the ground! Waiting eagerly for this beautiful sight close home.

  16. Wow, the flower flood tree looks so amazing, very well captured Divya..

  17. Firstly I'm so glad you are blogging regularly. I must drop in more often.

    I love cherry blossoms! Lovely pictures and thank you for the story!

    • Hey Neh!
      Long long time. I do miss you around here.
      Yeah, it's back to regular blogging, finally. Now that I have some help, I sit down with this when the baby is asleep. You know how I kept tripping even when the writing was not happening, na. 😉 So I'm trying to sit and get the blog up to date. :D.

      Aren't Cherry Blossoms some of the prettiest of flowers. You should go see them at the Japanese Tea Garden in SF if you haven't already. You'll get to see the white ones, there.

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