Sunset over the Columbia River

Columbia River Sunset
Westward Bound: Both — the sun and Columbia River.
(The Columbia River flows westward and empties itself in the Pacific Ocean)

A Columbia River sunset. A few pictures form the Interstate Bridge that connects Portland and Vancouver – WA.

Columbia River Sunset from the Interstate Bridge
A late evening shot from the Interstate Bridge on I-5.
The Columbia River, which flows here plays the border between the states of Washington and Oregon.
The above pictures were shot on a cell phone camera, and from a moving car; I just had to catch that late-evening light and that irresistible scene before we passed all of it.

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 Come, Trip with us. 😉 

PS: I’m travelling and may take a li’l longer to reply to comments and visit your blogs. Have a great week, everyone. 🙂
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  1. The great US plains and mountains create such dramatic landscape and sunsets…the second picture with the slanting grill / railing evokes so many emotions…

  2. evening light when life slow down for the day. Lovely.

  3. Love the silhouette and the cloudscape in the bottom shot♪

  4. You indeed caught the light!

  5. Beautiful cloudy photos

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Loved those dark looming clouds. Nice frame, Divya. 🙂

  7. Such dark billowing clouds.. approaching dusk ..purple, golden,, blue, velvety … magical .

  8. It seems to be a great place to spend some nice relaxed time.

    • It is.
      I've been through this area several times, but never got to spend some time around this part of the river. Later on, there should be a post about the area near the estuary of this river.

  9. An Excellent Click…. Well timed!

  10. Well caught! 🙂
    Nice silhouettes.

  11. Beautiful pics… Nice cloud formation

  12. A nice atmosphere and nice captures !!

  13. Great catch;) Divya!
    the 2nd one is superb!

  14. and you have done all justice that can be done with a mobile phone capture 🙂 super clicks 🙂

    • Thank you. I wish I could have stopped and taken a picture. Better still if I had my SLR. Not that I'm great at low-light photography, but I'd have been a happier girl. 😀

  15. wowow beautiful pictures mam… I am flying over now 🙂


  16. Lovely frames, both!

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