Monday Mural | Found in Astoria

Astoria murals

Today we go further north — from Portland to Astoria in Oregon. I found these murals in the seaside town of Astoria in (northwestern) Oregon. Astoria, which lies at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia river has many stories to tell: of Native Americans, shipwrecks and trade. Now lets have a close look at these Astoria murals:

Astoria murals
I didn’t manage to find info on this one. Do you know who is the artist behind this lovely wall art?
Astoria murals
Butterfly fleet by Dorothy Danielson*


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  1. I love the colours of the mural on the second photo. Beautiful!

  2. The broad mural captures the grandeur of this area. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  3. Did I read Ship wrecks ? Well that makes me look out for more stories about these murals…( may be a treasure or two also 🙂

    • Wait till you see my next post for Monday Mural. 😉

      The Columbia River estuary is said to have been rough on many a ship that came in from the Pacific Ocean. At some point, it was even called Graveyard of the Pacific.

  4. A visual history lesson.

  5. Another beautiful work. Are you on a mural hunt, Nambiare? 🙂

  6. Always love watching the colours and artistically created murals! Thanks for these interesting captures, Divya 🙂

  7. Wow… your murals are so diverse, distinct and intriguing. Another lovely find. 🙂

  8. Very beautiful art-work…not sure who is behind that!

  9. These murals certainly brighten up the environment!

  10. Nice art work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very brilliantly captured, Divya. Your beautiful pics aroused my interest in mural.

  12. One more reason to be there. Beautiful artwork. There is one beautiful mural and artwork place in Miami, can't recall the name. It's amazing, expensive but amazing.

    • Wait till you see the one in the next post 😉
      It's a mural on a light-house like structure. 🙂

      Oh yeah? I wish I could see pics. Let me look it up.
      Thank you, Saru. 🙂

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