Found on walls of Stanford Church

Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford University.

For today’s murals, we go back to Stanford University in California, this time to see the biblical images on the walls of the Stanford Church.

Stanford Memorial Church was erected by Jane Lathrop Stanford in memory of her husband Leland Stanford. She wanted it to be open to all and hoped that it would cater to the spiritual needs of the university, says the official site of the university.

Stanford church was completed in 1903 is said to have been rebuilt and strengthened after the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989.

This church in Stanford University is open to visitors during week days and on Sunday. The attractions in here include the artwork on the walls, the stained glass windows and the ornamental lights. The church also has a grand dome, one cannot miss.

Coming to the artwork on the walls of Stanford Church, I learnt that the facade outside is a mosaic of tiles. As for the work inside, there are mosaics as well as paintings made to look like tiles put together. I hear the glass tiles used here have been put up at with some tilt to reflect the lights from the glasses that have golden embedding.

And the images you see inside the church include depictions of Jesus’s life, angels, people from the bible and biblical traditions of  Jews and Christians.

The mosaics on the outside:

Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford University.


Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford University.


Mosaic, Stanford Church


The work inside Stanford church:

Now let’s go indoors and be mesmerised by the lights, the stained glass and of course the mosaics that adorn the interiors of the church.

Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford University.


Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford University.


Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford University.


Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford University.


Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford University.

The large mosaics are said to have been created on large drawings in Venice and later brought here for installation. Other people who contributed to the grandeur of Stanford Memorial church include mosaic master Maurizio Camerino, stained -glass artistis Frederick and Charles Lamb from NY, designer Antonia Paoletti and several architects who worked on it at different points.

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  1. Quite unique, never seen a church with murals on the outside, the interiors are equally wonderful!!!

  2. Kind of amazed to know the murals were made in Europe and shifted to Stanford.. the colors look so real as if painted yesterday..

    • I believe it was the large ones that were made there. It sounds like they came as tiles that were later put together here.
      And the colours, I suppose are nice and bright because they are on the tiles as opposed to paint on the walls. Whatever it is, it is quite a sight! 🙂

  3. Beautiful church facade and the mosaic murals are outstanding. The interior is very pretty too.

  4. Gorgeous art works, the glass paintings are brilliant! Lovely captures, Divya.

  5. I see its a complete mosaic outside so it survive the weather and time better. A really stunning mural.

  6. There is a lot of work done there. amazing.

  7. Beautiful art and nice pics

  8. Wow – that is an incredible place!

  9. Awe inspiring work, well captured too!

  10. Your photos show it off so well! It is incredible. I never knew about this place.

    • Thank you so much, Nora. The place and the artists who work on it should get all the credit. It IS incredible.
      This church is inside the Stanford University campus.

  11. Such a striking facade. The mosaic looks like it glitters in the sun. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

    • It definitely is. I believe is was made to look that way; at least they have tried to do that inside the church. My homework tells me the tiles were placed with tilts so as to reflect light. What a great idea, right?

      Thank you so much for hosting. 🙂

  12. Beautiful, it reminds me of churches in Europe.

  13. Beautiful pictures and apt explanation about the Stanford Memorial Church at Stanford University.

  14. Beautiful pictures and apt explanation about the Stanford Memorial Church at Stanford University.

  15. Oh, I am totally mesmerized by the mosaics and the glass work and the paintings, Divya. You captured everything so well!

  16. colourful mind-blowing pics !

  17. I love such facades. Beautiful interiors too.

  18. Awesome! Its fascinating to see the mosaics on the outer wall of the church, something which I have never seen till now. Very well captured!

    • Isn't it, Arun?
      If you look at the close up of the mosaic, you'll see how they used the tiles to make those creases and shades in the clothing. It's amazing!

      Thank you, Arun. 🙂

  19. Beautiful and colorful church.

  20. wow…beautiful captures 🙂
    The church looks so colorful.

  21. The murals and the interiors are truly grand! It must have been a delight to spend time there!

    • It was such a delight, Mridula. The first time I visited, my hubby was not there and I felt guilty seeing it all without him. And then there had to be a second time, for me. 😀

      This church really is quite a sight.
      Thank you for stopping by, Mridula.

  22. Nice write with awesome pictures

  23. Very unique indeed Dee and you captured it all so well.

  24. The beauty of those murals makes me breathless for the desire to see them with my own pair of eyes. Looks like I will have to stay content in reflected glory from my friend Divya!

  25. Lovely Murals Dee…you have have god collection 🙂

    • I seem to have clicked a lot of pictures of several colourful works of art. I'm glad that now there's a meme that gives me an opportunity to put them up.

      Thank you, Ranjana.

  26. Thats some stunning work and you've beautifully captured it Dee!

  27. What a beautiful face it has! Never seen a church with murals on the exteriors. How do they maintain it is my question.

  28. Beautiful Clicks… 🙂

  29. Wow some lovely pictures, especially the inside of the church.

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