Solvang’s Danish Deliciousness

Danish Food: Danish pastries, Solvang

What-to-Eat; Where-to-eat in Solvang

Just as popular as the Danish architecture and windmills, are the Danish pastries you find in Solvang. My visit to this small town in Central California turned out to also be a window into Danish food, too.

 The Danish pastries are one of the attractions of this destination. While we were in Solvang we stepped into Mortensen’s Bakery and Olsen’s Bakery and Coffee Shop for some Danish deliciousness.

Danish Food in Solvang: Danish Waffle
Danish Waffle
Danish Food in Solvang: Danish pastries
Apple Turnover
Danish Food in Solvang: Danish pastries, Mortensen's Bakery
Pastries at Mortensen’s Bakery.


Danish Food in Solvang: Danish pastries at Olsen's Bakery
Olsen’s Bakery’s baked goods


Danish Food in Solvang - Danish cookies at Olsen's
Meringue kisses and Danish cookies, also from Olsen’s.
Danish Food in Solvang -- Kransekage / Danish cake
Kransekage ( a traditional Danish cake) we got to taste at the Hans Christian Andersen museum.
I later saw them at Olsen’s Bakery too.

While we were there, we also made sure to get a taste some other culinary specialties of the Danes. When we lunched at ‘Solvang Restaurant’ we picked out these things from their menu:

Danish food at Solvang - Danish Hot dogs
Danish Hot Dog with fried onions, cucumber salad.
Danish food at Solvang: Danish Sauasage, Meatball and Rodkal
Danish sausage and Danish Meatball with Rødkål (red cabbage, Danish style).

Where (else) to eat in Solvang 

Paula’s Pancake House in Solvang is another attraction in the town. It’s among the top of the top places to eat in this Danish Village. We couldn’t leave there without checking it out and so just before we said farvel to Solvang, we had breakfast at Paula’s. And weren’t they the most delectable pancakes!

Pancakes at Paula's Pancake House in Solvang.


Pancakes at Paula's Pancake House in Solvang.


Pancakes at Paula's Pancake House in Solvang.
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  1. The eating is really good there. When we were there, we wanted to try the ostrich burger and buy ostrich eggs, but the farm was closed that day.

    • Oh yes it is, I swear. 😉

      I should visit Ostrichland sometime. Ostrich burger — I will keep that in mind for next time. I hear they also sell art-on-ostrich eggshells. I would love to pick up some of that.

  2. I have overslept into the morning; my tummy is making noises at the sight of those Danish Delicacies. Thanks to your post, today I will eat pastries on my way to the airport.

    • Oh, I'm sorry. 😀
      Solvang was so delicious!

      I hope you got to pick up some pastries on your way.

      Thank you for finding time to visit the blog, USP.:)

  3. What a mouth watering post… and I am reading it at Breakfast time here in India 🙂

  4. Wow , looks so yummy. It is making me to visit a pastry shop 🙂

  5. It all looks very tasty to me. Nice.

  6. Looks delicious! Ellam oro plate poratte. 😉

  7. The danish hotdog looks amazing


  8. wow.. looks so interesting.. we'll definitely check this out if we ever make a trip there… Thanks for sharing Dee!
    Btw – did you make time for the Khajuraho post? Cheers 🙂

    • It is a very cute little town.
      Yeah, you should think about visiting Solvang. And me too. 🙂

      I'll come by soon. After I read the post on your personal blog, I had to shut down. 🙂

  9. People tend to ask me why I like Solvang so much (and the entire Santa Ynez Valley). I think your post answers the question. Last time, I had the most delicious pancakes. Can't wait to go back.

    • The food in Solvang was exceptional! And I didn't get to have aebleskiver. What a shame right? 🙂 I was at one of the places that was famous for the delicacy; but was so packed after lunch that I couldn't even think about picking some up for later.

      I should go back just for the aebleskiver. 🙂
      Think of me when you have them again, Ruth. 🙂

  10. Oh! So tempting!!! 🙂
    Excellent pics taken.

  11. A mouth watering post, Divya:) Danish pastries are just awesome!

  12. Woah! Lip-smacking delicacies.. I'm drooling over them 😛

    • They were so YUM and I learnt quite a bit about Danish food that I had to do a post about it all. And I couldn't leave those amazing pancakes out, so added them to the post as well. 😉

  13. They all look mouthwatering! Thank god I am looking at the post after lunch!

  14. Wow! mouth watering.

  15. Do they have no-egg options? Difficult to get your eyes off them otherwise ☺️

  16. Images favor a journey, imagination flows, the simple and delicious fries to sweet appetizing.
    A hug from Brazil.

  17. Apple turnover 🙂 like the names they keep for some of these

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