Found in the Capital of Silicon Valley

Public Art, Downtown San Jose
Reflection by  Stefania Gueorguieva

I found these pieces of public art during a walk through San Jose’s Plaza de Cesar Chavez in June last year. The first two paintings in this post were on utility boxes in the park.

These works of art are part of a project called Downtown Doors. I hear that these paintings are selections from art competitions held for students in the city.

Public Art, San Jose, CA

Public Art, Downtown San Jose
Modern World by Renee Gonzalez
Public Art, Downtown San Jose


Public Art, Downtown San Jose
‘Reflections of a Lifetime’ by Kittisak Lakham.
This one is on the walls of Fairmont (Hotel), not very far from Ceasar Chavez park.
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Also from the Plaza de Cesar Chavez —
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  1. All 3 murals are beautiful!
    It's great that those utility boxes gets painted with murals, they certainly look much better!

  2. Nice those murals especially the ones on the utility boxes.

  3. They are very nice painted and attract your attention to the utility boxes.

  4. A nice way to make utility boxes prettier! The last one is so meta. 😀

  5. A great way to dress things up.

  6. Very interesting and a great project!

  7. Very interesting artwork and the artist have used objects other than wall that makes it even better. Silicon valley is not just tech heavy it seems to have a buzzing art scene too…

    • True. Its nice to see what must have gone on walls up on utility boxes.
      I have to begin to really go look for more public art. There's a lot around here.

      Thank you for stopping by, Prasad. 🙂

  8. What a rich visual experience. My personal favorite is the first composition with the little girl wading in the water. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  9. Such wonderful work! Would be a pleasure to stroll there!

  10. These are really wonderful!!!

  11. Love if they came to my corner of the world. We are known in our town artists.
    We have the University of Arts. I am surprise we have not one.

    I know the art directors. I will talk to her. One of them came to my house Monday night for 20 minute sit. I must talk to her. Her Mom is my friend.

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