DCA: A California in California

Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim, CaliforniaIf I were to put it straight out there, Disney California Adventure Park is rightly ‘California in a nutshell,’ with a Disney touch, of course. Built on what used to be the parking lot of Disneyland, this park in Anaheim, CA is not just another amusement park. It sure has kiddie-cars and roller coasters and a Ferris wheel and all that it needs to keep up the promise of adventure for everyone. But what seemed to stand out to me was the packaging of this theme park.

‘The best of California’ in DCA

Disney California Adventure ParkThe theme that has been used to wrap this park in, is obviously ‘California.’ From Buena Vista Street to Route 66 and from Hollywood to the San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, Disney California Adventure Park (DCA) has California stamped all over it.

There’s a representation of Hollywood, some Spanish architecture and an area toasting California’s wine – growing areas. There’s a re-creation of the kind of amusement you would find at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk or Santa Monica Pier. There’s an area that is enveloped in an atmosphere akin to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and a dedication to the Redwoods and the Gold Rush era, which was an important part of California’s History. DCA seemed to showcase the best of California; the many things that come to mind when you think of the Golden State.

This is not all talk. Let me take you to the sights and tell you some more about California and Disney California Adventure Park, along the way.

Disney California Adventure Park | The Attractions

Buena Vista Street – A splash of Spanish accents

The entrance to the park (after the actual entrance where you undergo the security check and the other formalities, of course) is through a bit of California’s Missionary past. Buena Vista Street is a reproduction of the Los Angeles area in early 20th century with buildings donning tiled roofs and its mission-style architectural features. There’s also a replica of the Carthay Circle Theater, which was a historical landmark, that came up in the 1920s. This circular theater was also a fine specimen of Spanish Colonial Style of architecture.

Disney California Adventure Park - Buena Vista Street.

Buena Vista Street

Disney California Adventure Park - Buena Vista Street Disney California Adventure Park - Carthay Circle theaterMiniature Hollywood – the Entertainment Capital

The Spanish touch then extends into the modern day entertainment hub – Hollywood. Hollywood Land at the Adventure park as the name suggests is where there are the movie and television-based attractions. Here’s where you will also find the miniature Hollywood Boulevard and the trompe l’oeil  mural featured on this blog a few weeks back.

Disney California Adventure Park - Hollywood Studios Disney California Adventure Park - Hollywood Boulevard

Cheers to California Wine Country

California’s wine country cannot be excluded in the list of California’s best. Napa and Sonoma are not the only places where California grows grapes. Large stretches of vineyards can also be seen in Livermore, Paso Robles and even in the Santa Cruz mountains. This part of Disney California Adventure seems to be a picture of those parts.

Disney California Adventure Park - Vineyard

Disney California Adventure Park - Vineyard

Disney California Adventure Park - Winery

Pacific Wharf

This area reminded me of the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco thanks to its buildings and eateries . And some parts reminded me of a stroll I had in Cannary Row in Monterey, several years ago.

Disney California Adventure Park

Disney California Adventure Park - Pacific Wharf

Pacific Wharf

Disney California Adventure Park - Pacific Wharf

Paradise Pier – Boardwalk

Here Disney California Adventure Park displays it’s seaside amusement like the kind you see at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk or Santa Monica Pier. You’ll find boardwalk games and rides here. This is where Mickey’s Fun Wheel and California Screamin’ (the high speed roller coaster), you might have seen pictures of, are located.

Disney California Adventure Park - Paradise Pier

Paradise Pier

Disney California Adventure Park - Mickey's Fun Wheel

Disney California Adventure Park

An ode to the state tree – the Redwood

Disney California Adventure Park

A tribute to the ‘Gold’ and the Pelton Wheel

In Grizzly peak, there’s reference to the Gold Rush era – a building with Eureka on it; Eureka for the gold found in California, in the mid 19th century. And the Pelton Wheel, which turned out to be a blessing for the mining around here.

Disney California Adventure Park - Pelton Wheel

Disney California Adventure Park - Pelton Wheel

Could this be a salute to Yosemite (or the Sierras on the whole)?

Disney California Adventure Park - Waterfall

And this a sneak peek at the California Desert Region?

[Coming soon on Tipsy from the TRIP – more from the desert region in southern California]

Disney California Adventure Park

To all who come to this place of dreams, welcome. Disney California Adventure celebrates the spirit of optimism and the promise of endless opportunities, ignited by the imagination of daring dreamers such as Walt Disney and those like him who forever changed- and were forever changed by- The Golden State. This unique place embraces the richness and diversity of California… Its land, its people, its stories and, above all, the dreamers it continues to inspire.

— Robert A. Iger

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  1. Wonderful captures! Loved the 1st pic!! The light, the composition and the content – all there!

  2. My family is heading here next week! Your photos are so inspiring. I can’t wait!

  3. I have always dreamed of visiting a Disney adventure park; and you took me there D!

    • Disney does everything so well. I was so impressed by the way the crowds were managed and all. I hope you’ll get to see one in person, sometime soon. Thank you, Arti. 🙂

  4. This is cool but especially the reflection of the ferries wheel 🙂

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  6. Awesome photography and very nice post, enjoyed reading.

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    • And I’m sure you’ll love it. One advice, however — just go (mentally) prepared for the crowds and it’ll be great.

      Thank you so much.

      And let me know when you guys are in CA. 😉

  8. Thank you so much for taking us on the “Must go ” places of California . Grand pictures as well

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