• Needles and Haystack, Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach and its army of rocks

    US’s Pacific Northwest has only around three months of predictable beach-weather. If it is not summer, you might want to look up the forecast to see if the rain will permit you to go to the beach. If it’s a good day, here’s a recommendation — Cannon Beach on...
  • Capitola Beach mural

    Capitola’s Breezeway Murals

    Last summer we holidayed in Capitola on California’s Central Coast and while we were there, I happened upon several murals in this seaside village. On my last evening I found some very Capitola murals on a breezeway on Esplanade. The breezeway was poorly lit but I couldn’t helping taking...
  • Lego Friends bench, Legoland, CA

    A (lego)land of unlimited creative inspiration

    It was December and the schools had closed for Christmas and New Year. That meant it was time for a trip and since the previous trip was to a National Park, we thought it was only right to chose a kids’ destination and we settled on Legoland. I must...
  • One morning on Payyambalam Beach

    When one is visiting Kerala on India’s west coast, there’s no missing the beaches. Northern Kerala has several unassuming beaches and even the ones that are popular among the locals are pretty quiet in the mornings. One such beach is the Payyambalam Beach* in Kannur District in North Kerala....
  • Capitola Venetian

    A balcony with a Venetian View

    A few years back, there was a time when we needed to break from the daily grind and we made a quick weekend trip to the Central Coast of California. It was one of those trips we made without any homework whatsoever. It was meant to be a holiday...
  • Capitola Mural by Luke Lamar

    Found: Capitola mural in Capitola

    Capitola in California’s Central Coast– in Santa Cruz county to be exact — has a lot of street art all over town. Having shown you some art on a doorway, a rain forest mural and the tiled seawall, it is time to bring to you you a two-storied mural...
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