Capitola’s Breezeway Murals

Capitola murals by Beth Clevenstine.Last summer we holidayed in Capitola on California’s Central Coast and while we were there, I happened upon several murals in this seaside village. On my last evening I found some very Capitola murals on a breezeway on Esplanade. The breezeway was poorly lit but I couldn’t helping taking pictures of them, as always. These murals seem to be pictures of that part of Capitola where the Capitola Venetian, the Capitola Wharf, Soquel Creek and the beach beside Soquel Creek are situated. These murals are painted by Beth Cleventine and sponsored by Janet Daniel.

Capitola Murals by Beth Cleventine:

Capitola by the sea mural, Beth Cleventine.

A painting of Capitola Wharf, Capitola Venetian and the buildings on Esplanade, Capitola, CA.

Capitola Venetian by Beth Cleventine.

Capitola Venetian – California’s first Condominium project. A mural by Beth Cleventine.

These colourful buildings in a Mediterranean style of architecture is California’s first Condominium project. A part of this set of buildings is now a hotel and the rest are private houses and holiday homes. (More about this charming structure in the post — A balcony with a Venetian View)

Capitola Beach by Beth Cleventine.

Capitola Beach, Capitola CA

Capitola Mural by Beth Cleventine.

Capitola Mural by Beth Cleventine.

More Capitola Murals:

Over the weekend we spent at Capitola, I spotted a painting on a psychic’s door, a rain-forest on the walls of a shop, a mural of Capitola village and the beach as seen from a hill, and even a seawall made of painted ceramic tiles which was a community project. With this post we wind up the series of posts on the murals found in Capitola, CA. (Next up, the murals of Reno, Nevada maybe. )

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  1. Beautiful murals depicting the town.

  2. Looks very nice on a naive way.

  3. Beautiful art well captured despite the light constraints.

  4. Public art plays such an important role in citizen feeling proud of their neighborhood. These murals are not just interesting paintings they are also a great way of community building and promoting art and culture. More power to them.

    • It sure does. For some time now, I’ve been seeing very ‘local art’ and that sure shows that pride. And I’m sure these places are also proud of their artists.

  5. These are charming. I especially like the bird’s eye view and the treatment of the terracotta roof tiles. Thanks for contributing to this week’s Monday Mural.

    • The bird’s eye views are great. My favourite one seems to be that of beach between Soquel Creek and Monterey Bay.

      By the way, I saw a video of this creek flowing over that sandy area after all those incessant winter storms that hit our state this winter. It was quite a sight. 🙂

      Thank you for hosting this wonderful mural. 🙂

  6. It’s just jaw-dropping AWESOME! I’ll remember Capitola as City of Murals from now onwards.

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