• One foggy day at Point Reyes

    It was a summers day. The plan was to have an ideal summer day — make a trip to a beach north of San Francisco and then go see the lighthouse at Point Reyes. Now this lighthouse is one of those lighthouses that make a perfect picture — you...
  • Playing with Lego bricks at Legoland, Cal.

    Play with LEGO bricks at Legoland

    #DidYouKnow: You can play with LEGO bricks in Legoland 😉   Legoland is not an all-inspiration-and-no-room-for-practice, kind of a place. There are Lego bricks all over the park and you can build to your heart’s content while you are at one of the Legoland resorts. Yes, you can actually...
  • Zio Ziegler fish mural

    Monday Mural: Found in Mill Valley

    On a surf shop in Mill Valley, CA is a fish-shaped mural; a very colourful one at that. I’m wondering if this piece of art is a work by  Zio Ziegler, an artist from the area. I remember seeing another mural of his in a big city called San...
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