Family fun at Tilden Park

Tilden Park: This place in Berkeley promises to provide you with activities for a whole day; and keeps its promise too. If you have kids and are in the San Francisco Bay Area, this place is perfect for a summer’s day. Steam Trains  at Tilden Park In this 2000 odd … Read>>

A first time at strawberry picking

It was going to be a sunny Sunday, said the weather forecast. So we thought we should spend the day out; maybe visit one of the places on our constantly growing list of places to check out. Now if you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you are spoilt … Read>>

Universal studios – Hollywood’s backstage

When you have just two days to spend in Los Angeles, there’s a lot you’ll have to miss out on. I’m just so pleased that, that didn’t include Universal Studios. When I let me rewind to the day we spent there, what I recall most of all is the 2-hour … Read>>

Hip and Happening Hollywood Boulevard

It was a Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving; Yes, Black Friday! While most of USA shopped, we decided to hang out at one of the most happening places on the west coast of the United States – Hollywood Boulevard. It was a sudden trip; an almost last minute one with … Read>>

A whale-watching adventure in Monterey Bay

Whale watching. It’s been something I was kind-of interested in until I accidentally saw a video from a whale watching trip. I don’t even know where the video was shot; even if I had read the few lines that preceded the video clip, the place mentioned moved to the back … Read>>

Happy Halloween at ‘Happy Hollow’

In an earlier post about Happy Hollow Park and Zoo I had sworn that the name was appropriate for this place; with all its reds, yellows, oranges and greens, and lots of children, HHPZ really is a `happy’ place. Last Sunday, the park was a little more happier, celebrating Halloween … Read>>

Residents of Oakland Zoo

Planning a trip to Oakland Zoo? Or would you like to visit but don’t think you can? Here is a sneak peek at the Animals of Oakland Zoo, in Oakland, California. Emerald Tree Boa seen at the Oakland Zoo’s Reptile and Amphibian house inside the ‘Wayne & Gladys Valley Children’s zoo.’ … Read>>

Oakland’s own little Africa

                      Oakland, CA has a little piece of Africa just off highway 580. If Oakland is closer to where you live, than Africa is, you might as well visit Oakland Zoo to experience a bit of the continent, in the … Read>>

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