Residents of Oakland Zoo

Planning a trip to Oakland Zoo? Or would you like to visit but don’t think you can? Here is a sneak peek at the Animals of Oakland Zoo, in Oakland, California. Emerald Tree Boa seen at the Oakland Zoo’s Reptile and Amphibian house inside the ‘Wayne & Gladys Valley Children’s zoo.’… Read>>

Oakland’s own little Africa

                      Oakland, CA has a little piece of Africa just off highway 580. If Oakland is closer to where you live, than Africa is, you might as well visit Oakland Zoo to experience a bit of the continent, in the… Read>>

Cruising the San Francisco Bay

It was another fine Sunday. It was neither hot nor cold. We were in San Francisco and were about to do a tour of captivating San Francisco and what better way to start than getting into a ferry and cruising the waters of San Francisco Bay! So we drove down Embarcadero… Read>>

A railway ride into a Redwood forest

Train journeys from one town to another or one city to another; we’ve all done that. How about boarding a train to nowhere but the middle of a forest and back, that too, on an olden-day  steam locomotive? Better still — an open train that chugs through hundreds of thousands… Read>>