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  • One foggy day at Point Reyes

    It was a summers day. The plan was to have an ideal summer day — make a trip to a beach north of San Francisco and then go see the lighthouse at Point Reyes. Now this lighthouse is one of those lighthouses that make a perfect picture — you...
  • Road tripping across Karnataka

    We’re in ‘Discover-Karnataka* mode,’ We decide to step out of the all-too familiar Mysore-Bangalore region. The initial plan: to drive through a part of the Karnataka coast,  say hello to the waterfalls that make up the famous Jog Falls and have a brush with some wildlife at Bhadra Sanctuary....
  • One day at the heart of the Himalayas

    A part of the route to JMR A few days ago, as I was looking through my collection of non-digital photographs for the ‘One photo from my picture album contest’ put up by My Yatra Diary, I retraced many a trip I had been on, when I was much...
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