Things-to-do in Disneyland — Toddler edition

Disneyland was the place our sonny boy had had on the top of his travel wishlist for a long time. Even though it had been in the cards for a over a couple of years, it had to be put off for reasons like expecting baby no. 2, followed by… Read>>

10 Road (trip) rules for the pregnant

 Whether you are pregnant and ‘have to’ travel, or are pregnant but can’t help hitting the road, let me tell you, you can do it; almost always. Just do it right. Being in-the-family-way doesn’t have to mean ‘no travel.’ It’s just that you have to keep in mind the situation,… Read>>

Little Missy went where?

Oh! the places you’ll go. Our little baby doll just completed a year earlier this month. When we sat down to plan a celebration of her first year and we were just recapitulating the year that went by and it dawned on us that Little Missy had done quite a… Read>>

What’s in it for the little travellers?

Driving through scenic routes, checking out eerie buildings, walking through a lava tube, watching whales of the great pacific, taking an open jeep safari into a wildlife sanctury, trekking more than a couple of miles to see elephant seals at their breeding station, looking down from swooning heights, strolling through… Read>>

Motion Sickness: Acupressure wrist bands to the rescue!

Are you one of those people who do not enjoy travelling simply because ‘movement’ makes you sick? Do winding roads and Ghat Sections make you dread those trips to breathtaking hill stations? Do you hate having to pop those pills just before you set out on a road trip or… Read>>

Road trips with toddlers: Tricks and tips

A guest post I wrote for  Whether you love road trips or you do it just because you don’t have an option, it can be very challenging if you are travelling with children, especially when there’s just one child in the car or the child in there is a… Read>>