Our World | Oldest starbucks store

Look at the crowd here. You might wonder why people are taking pictures of a Starbucks cafe, and why the ‘Starbucks Mermaid’ looks different. Those who are from Seattle or who have been there will tell you that this is not just any ‘Starbucks’ store. The guidebooks and brochures call… Read>>

Looking for the Best Fish Company?

  We love our Fish and Chips. We love Clam Chowder, too. And now we know of a place in Southern Washington that serves really good stuff – both Fish and Chips and Chowder. I’m quite certain Pacific Northwest Best Fish Company will disappoint few. We first heard of this… Read>>

For a taste of Bollywood and Desi street food

There’s a place not so far away from Downtown Portland where they serve Indian Street food in a large room with small tables surrounded by mismatched chairs. The mismatched chairs, some of them wobbly, only add to the character of the place. You’ll find antiques of all kinds crowding the… Read>>

A taste of ‘God’s Own Country’ in the Bay Area

Here in the San Francisco Bay area there is no dearth of Indian food. Take just south Indian food and you are spoiled for choice. Now, if you are looking for Keralite food the place to go is Red Chillies in Milpitas, CA. When you have a craving for good… Read>>

Go Alfresco: P. F. Chang’s, Downtown San Jose

Pleasant weather is here. If you are visiting Downtown San Jose, it’s a good time to have an alfresco lunch at PF Chang’s. The festive interiors are something to be enjoyed from the outside. You can also experience the ‘Capital of Silicon Valley’ go about its day: shoppers, head-turning swanky… Read>>

Treat yourself to Thai Cuisine (in Pacifica)

A Tipsy-from-the-trip recommendation: Chicken Satay Pad Thai Fried Rice If you are visiting Pacifica, CA and if you like Thai Food, I suggest you try out Pacifica Thai Cuisine in between your beach-hopping. We found this restaurant on a travel app and decided to try it out as it seemed… Read>>