Catching Light | I-5 Interstate Bridge

Catching Light on the ‘Bridge’ on I-5 Interstate Bridge is also called I-5 bridge. This bridge over the Columbia River connects Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington. Here are some travel photos for ‘Catching the Light’ This steel bridge also goes by the names: Columbia River InterstateBridge, Vancouver-Portland Bridge & Portland … Read>>

Catching some NorCal light

Caught: some afternoon (sun)light, North California. These pictures of the sunlight filtering through leaves, were taken on one of our trips between California and Washington. Location: one of the ‘rest areas’ along I-5 near the California – Oregon border. Linking to Catching Light  For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The … Read>>

Sunset over the Columbia River

Westward Bound: Both — the sun and Columbia River. (The Columbia River flows westward and empties itself in the Pacific Ocean) A Columbia River sunset. A few pictures form the Interstate Bridge that connects Portland and Vancouver – WA. A late evening shot from the Interstate Bridge on I-5. The … Read>>