Capture the colour – five frames, five colours

When we travel we take so many pictures but some of them stand out from the rest. The colours captured in some of those frames have so much of an effect on us that the images remain imprinted in our minds forever. I’m sure everybody has a handful of such… Read>>

The heavenly ‘Heavenly Gondola’ ride

People lining up to board the Heavenly Mountain Gondola @ Heavenly Village in Tahoe. If it is winter and you are in California, a trip to Lake Tahoe is something you cannot think of not doing. And if you drive up to this absolutely magnificent alpine lake, chances are you… Read>>

City of South Lake Tahoe in the pm hours

When we made our trip to Tahoe, we chose to stay in the City of South Lake Tahoe in the California side. This beautifully built town beside the pristine Lake Tahoe, also happens to lie on the California-Nevada border. When we reached this touristy town, it was an hour and… Read>>

Pristine Lake Tahoe

It was the colours of Lake Tahoe that I found most fascinating. We first spotted the Lake from the mountain roads that led to South Lake Tahoe. The lake was several miles away but we could see a bluish green surface from the distance. However, when we were finally driving through… Read>>