Painted skies, silhouettes and warm glows

Caught: TwiLIGHT, Aptos, California.  The sun had set. The skies looked painted and the silhouettes of trees and buildings seemed to enhance the late-evening-light in the sky.   Aptos is a seaside town on California’s central coast. The location is Seascape Beach Resort, Aptos.  And because it lies on the coastā€¦ Read>>

Catching the light: Over Monterey Bay

Catching some late-evening sunlight at Monterey Bay, California. Linking to NatureFootprint Meme: Catching the light. You might also want to click on: A whale-watching adventure on Monterey Bay *** For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The Trip on Facebook.  Come, Trip with us. šŸ˜‰  You may also likeā€¦ Read>>

Capitola’s own Venice

I have to do justice to the ‘little Italy’ part of my previous post Capitola Village and its little Italy. So here’s posting some pictures of the Capitola Venetian, the Mediterranean-style hotel that I said I couldn’t take my eyes off. I haven’t given up the idea of spending anā€¦ Read>>

A whale-watching adventure in Monterey Bay

Whale watching. Itā€™s been something I was kind-of interested in until I accidentally saw a video from a whale watching trip. I don’t even know where the video was shot; even if I had read the few lines that preceded the video clip, the place mentioned moved to the backā€¦ Read>>

17 Mile Drive – much more than a seaside drive

We all love the seaside. We all love long drives. How about a drive along the coast? What if it is that of the Pacific Ocean that we are talking about? One great Ā place to do this is the 17-Mile Drive. 17 mile drive runs through the Del Monte Forestā€¦ Read>>

Monterey Bay Aquarium: A vicarious dive into the sea

If you have a fascination for marine creatures and donā€™t think it quite possible to go scuba diving or get into a submarine to see the wonders the sea for yourself, Monterey Bay Aquarium is a place you should visit. From sardines to leopard sharks, from Sea Otters to Penguinsā€¦ Read>>