Vistas from California’s ‘Devil Mountain’

Several Springs ago, we had driven to the top of Mt. Hamilton and seen Santa Clara Valley from a height of 4,200 odd feet. Then last Fall, in what was like a follow-up trip, we drove up the same range, this time to the top of Hamilton’s little brother Mt.… Read>>

Zooming In: Chamundi Hill

Mysore’s Chamundi Hills is one of the bigger attractions in this royal city. And the attractions on top of this hill include a statute of the demi-god Mahishasura, Chamundeshwari temple, a Nandi statue and sweeping views of Mysore from the top of the hill. When you get to Chamundi Hill,… Read>>

Small Town America | Ridgefield – WA at Christmas

Last Christmas was a cold foggy day in Ridgefield-WA. But it was not unpleasant for a morning stroll. So we, along with my bestie’s family drove to the city and walked around the downtown area for a while, taking in Ridgefield at Christmas. The City of Ridgefield lies north of… Read>>

Fall-ing in love with the Pacific Northwest

Fall is in full swing. And the Pacific Northwest is all decked up in the season’s colours. Here’s sharing some pictures (from a point-and-shoot) taken while driving around the northern part of Oregon and the southern part of Washington State: You may also like — Our World: Future of Flight… Read>>

Cherry Blossoms at the Japanese Tea Garden

I remember the first time I saw Cherry Blossoms; it was in my mind’s eye. I was reading Memoirs of a Geisha and Arthur Golden (the author) had created such a beautiful picture with words that when I saw the movie of the same name a few years later, it… Read>>

Residents of Oakland Zoo

Planning a trip to Oakland Zoo? Or would you like to visit but don’t think you can? Here is a sneak peek at the Animals of Oakland Zoo, in Oakland, California. Emerald Tree Boa seen at the Oakland Zoo’s Reptile and Amphibian house inside the ‘Wayne & Gladys Valley Children’s zoo.’… Read>>

A slice of Victorian SF

FYI: – You may also like — Monday Mural(s): Found in San Francisco Happy Lunar New Year Trying to catch the Bay Lights OurWorld: Greek and Roman touch to San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Dressed in fog Read>>