• Jule Hus

    Jule Hus: It’s always Christmas here

    Christmas isn’t until another six months but there’s a place in Solvang in California where it is Christmas all year round. Be it February or August, there’ll be Christmas trees and ornaments and Santas and elves and all types of decor at Jule Hus. Jule ┬áHus Jule Hus is...
  • Solvang’s Danish Deliciousness

    What-to-Eat; Where-to-eat in Solvang Just as popular as the Danish architecture and windmills, are the Danish pastries you find in Solvang. My visit to this small town in Central California turned out to also be a window into Danish food, too.  The Danish pastries are one of the attractions...
  • Solvang: A Danish Fairytale

    Solvang is one of those places that made me feel like I was in the middle of a fairy tale. To say, ‘in the middle of a Hans Christian Andersen story’ would be just the perfect way to put it. Picture this setting: Me (and the kids and the...
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