Catching some sundown-light

Just after a sunset at Sunset Beach in Watsonville, California. Linking to the meme: Catching the light You might also like: Sunset at Sunset Beach For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The Trip on  Facebook.  Come, Trip with us. 😉  You may also like — Sunset at Sunset Beach Pinto Lake: … Read>>

A garden of sculptures in San Francisco

Did you know: There’s a Sculpture Garden in San Francisco’s De Young Museum ? If you haven’t visited, yet, De Young Museum is situated in Golden Gate Park not very far from the Japanese Tea Garden. And it is right opposite California Academy of Science.  Here are pictures of a … Read>>

Residents of Oakland Zoo

Planning a trip to Oakland Zoo? Or would you like to visit but don’t think you can? Here is a sneak peek at the Animals of Oakland Zoo, in Oakland, California. Emerald Tree Boa seen at the Oakland Zoo’s Reptile and Amphibian house inside the ‘Wayne & Gladys Valley Children’s zoo.’ … Read>>

Oakland’s own little Africa

                      Oakland, CA has a little piece of Africa just off highway 580. If Oakland is closer to where you live, than Africa is, you might as well visit Oakland Zoo to experience a bit of the continent, in the … Read>>

THE monument of love

Taj Mahal blanketed in mist It is a mausoleum, it is all in marble and it is magnificent. I was fortunate to see the marvelous Taj Mahal a few years ago but unfortunately the day I was there, the mist was also present. So this is the only (full) picture I have … Read>>