A 100, and merrily going around

The Tilden Park Merry-Go-Round The building that houses the ancient carousel. This carousel, which was made in 1911, has gotten into US’s ‘National Register of Historical Places.’ This post is linked to the meme: An earlier post on this Regional Park – Family Fun at Tilden Park For pictures from … Read>>

Catching light on a Steller’s Jay

A Steller’s Jay at Big Basin, California This Jay, here in the picture had come to sit by our table just outside the snack bar at Big Basin SP, hoping to get some morsels from the park visitors. Big Basin is a Redwood State Park in California. And Steller’s Jays … Read>>

Catching some grated light

@ Sterling Winery, Calistoga. Why you might want to visit Sterling Winery, the next time you are in Napa Valley – (Read) Wine tasting; Sterling style Linking to the meme– Catching the Light For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The Trip on  Facebook.  Come, Trip with us. 😉 

‘The water’s on fire’

Catching the light: At Water World, Universal Studios, Hollywood, California Water World, Universal Studios. Linking to the NFmeme–  Catching the light Read the trip-story — Hollywood’s Backstage For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The Trip on Facebook.  Come, Trip with us. 😉