Play with LEGO bricks at Legoland

Playing with Lego bricks at Legoland, Cal.

#DidYouKnow: You can play with LEGO bricks in Legoland 😉   Legoland is not an all-inspiration-and-no-room-for-practice, kind of a place. There are Lego bricks all over the park and you can build to your heart’s content while you are at one of the Legoland resorts. Yes, you can actually play… Read>>

A (lego)land of unlimited creative inspiration

Lego Friends bench, Legoland, CA

It was December and the schools had closed for Christmas and New Year. That meant it was time for a trip and since the previous trip was to a National Park, we thought it was only right to chose a kids’ destination and we settled on Legoland. I must confess… Read>>