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  • Needles and Haystack, Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach and its army of rocks

    US’s Pacific Northwest has only around three months of predictable beach-weather. If it is not summer, you might want to look up the forecast to see if the rain will permit you to go to the beach. If it’s a good day, here’s a recommendation — Cannon Beach on...
  • Capitola Beach mural

    Capitola’s Breezeway Murals

    Last summer we holidayed in Capitola on California’s Central Coast and while we were there, I happened upon several murals in this seaside village. On my last evening I found some very Capitola murals on a breezeway on Esplanade. The breezeway was poorly lit but I couldn’t helping taking...
  • Capitola Venetian

    A balcony with a Venetian View

    A few years back, there was a time when we needed to break from the daily grind and we made a quick weekend trip to the Central Coast of California. It was one of those trips we made without any homework whatsoever. It was meant to be a holiday...
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