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  • The bird blind at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, WA

    Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge: So Verdant, So Rich

    People come to Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge for the birds. It is like a paradise on earth for birds and birdwatchers, alike. It is also an area that is green as green can be. ┬áRidgefield National Wildlife Refuge lies beside the Columbia River’s northerly route and is biologically very rich....
  • Shiny Reno and its old-world glamour

    For a while we had been thinking of making a trip to Las Vegas. But something inside me kept saying it is not quite right to go see Vegas before we saw mini-Vegas — Reno, another casino city that lies way north of it. Something kept telling me that...
  • Summer Capital of British India; all-time destination for tourists

    If I were to put down my account of my visit to Shimla, it would have to begin with the train journey, as half the experience is in actually getting there. The journey to the beautiful hill station began at Kalka where we boarded the mountain train to Shimla....
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