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Mysore. Views from Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills in Mysore lists high on the places to see in the cultural capital of Karnataka. The over-3000 ft tall hill can be seen from various parts of the city. Go up the hill and you can see all of the city of Mysore and more. Here are some Chamundi Hill offers a bird’s eye view of Mysore city and its surrounding areas. Here are some of the views from Chamundi Hills:

Views from Chamundi Hills

Views from Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hill offering a bird’s eye view of Mysore city and its surrounding areas.

Views from Chamundi Hills
Views from Chamundi Hills
Views from Chamundi Hills

If you know the city well, this vistapoint is a great place to look at these views from Chamundi Hills and try to identify the popular landmarks of Mysore.

Can you spot Lalitha Mahal Palace in the picture below? Do you see any other buildings you can identify?

Views from Chamundi HillsViews from Chamundi Hills

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Btw, if you haven’t visited Lalitha Mahal Palace mentioned in this post, you can see pictures of this once-royal-guesthouse-now-heritage hotel, here —

Lalitha Mahal – Steeped in History, Royalty and Splendour

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  1. Your pictures are so meaningful.

  2. 🙂 super clicks of a great view.

  3. Wonderful views.
    If the pollution was lesser it would be great!

  4. Feeling on top of the world! Nice shots DN 🙂

  5. Nice captures. The haze spoilt it!

  6. Beautiful view.. never knew about this view of Mysore…. the pic with flowers is perfect…

    • Isn't that quite a sight, DesiTraveler?
      You must check out this place on your next visit to Mysore. You'll come back with lots of great pictures, of that, I'm sure.
      Thank you so much, Prasad.

  7. Such lovely views captured during the Chamundi hills drive ! I think I spotted the Lalita Mahal Palace in the valley down below ! Correct ?

  8. Lovely captures of Mysore! 🙂

  9. Beautiful visuals, Dee. I've been there quite a few times. Are you still in Bangalore?
    Oh, and btw, I have temporarily come out of my blog retirement. A new post on my blog. 😀

  10. Awesome. I loved the one in which you have clicked orange flowers and the one below it.

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