Wave watching on Maravanthe beach


Our next stop on the Karnataka Coast was Maravanthe Beach.

After a simply-perfect evening at Ottinene Beach, we headed inland to Kollur but the next day we were back on NH-99, the highway that runs through a good part of the India’s west coast. We were driving south and got to a part of the highway that had water on both sides. And I knew we were almost-there.

Maravanthe Beach (sometimes spelled Marawanthe) lies on a strip of land that is sandwiched between the Souparnika River and the Arabian Sea.

There’s the river on the left and the sea to the right.
The Arabian Sea from the highway.
Souparnika River as seen from the road.
Maravanthe Beach, Udupi district, Karnataka.

The sun was at its zenith when we parked by Maravanthe Beach and walked down to the seashore. The beach looked very quiet and almost deserted. Now this beach here, is a popular attraction, it is beside a busy highway and had some decent parking space too. I’m guessing there were hardly any beach-goers in sight, only because it was ‘that’ time of the day. The harsh Indian sun at mid day didn’t however stop us from spending some time on the sands of Maravanthe.

We were on a beach-hopping-trip along the KA coast and we just had to make a foot stop at this nice beach. We spent a peaceful hour there. SonnyBoy doesn’t mind the hot weather one bit, if he can lay his hands on some sand. So while he was busy scribbling on the sand and sieving it, I sat down to watch the swell in the sea, and the waves come in and splash against the slight incline of the beach and then make its way back into the Arabian Sea.


A while later we dusted ourselves and made our way to next stop — Malpe Beach, further south of here. Do come back to see what Malpe looks like.

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  1. The pictures, as always, look fantastic. 🙂

  2. Highways near the beach are very scenic right ? I love the name souparnika … Nice pics

    • Oh yeah. They really are. This stretch between the river and the sea seemed short. I didn't get enough of it. :D.
      Thanks Jaish. I hope all's well with you. 🙂

  3. A feast for eyes, Divya:)

  4. Excellent images of Marawanthe! Love this stretch on the highway.

  5. Now the mystery is over. I was always thinking where are you after reading your posts. Now, you post one of your recent trips and one from India. Am I correct?

    Even this beach is lovely. Your beach hopping is quite informative to your readers and not to forget, a virtual treat.

    • Ah, you caught me there. 🙂
      Of course you are Saru.
      I seem to be tripping more than I've been writing. 😀

      Thank you so very much, Saru. You made my day. 🙂

  6. Perfect holiday I would say, some time one just wants to sit and relax on the beach rather than go site seeing.. Need one of these soon 🙂

    • It was. This time there was no cramming of things-to-do into the itinerary. Just taking in the coast and a very few other sights.
      I remember your mentioning that you haven't been to Karnataka's coast. How about doing that one of these days? I'm already looking forward to the pictures, DesiTraveler?. 🙂

  7. It seems like reading a story through pictures. Great captures indeed, Divya 🙂

  8. Lucky you to enjoy this beautiful outing at the beach…great summer fun 🙂

    • I hear you guys you guys have been catching Jersey Shore sunsets. 😉

      This coastal trip of mine happened a few months back. Long before summer.
      Thank you for visiting, Alok.

  9. Journey through pictures!

  10. nice beach… and lovely pics Dee! 🙂

  11. Sandwiched road is beautiful. Nice pics.

  12. Such captivating shots and you weaved such a beautiful story around them. Loved it <3

  13. Beautiful. I have drive through this narrow road with sea and river on either side. I especially loved the river side because it was greener and cooler…

  14. Lovely write up with beautiful shots.Had been to this place during the year 2011 Stopped here to see the view of river on one side and sea at the other side.Surely a lovely view.We didn't go to the beach.Glad that you had a time to go there and enjoy.

    Sriram & Krithiga

    • Thank you, Sriram, Krithiga. 🙂
      That part of the road is very memorable, is it not?
      It is a really nice beach. We had a quiet afternoon there. There was hardly anyone on the beach. I guess that was because it was afternoon. You'll like it.

  15. Great post dear ..as I am coming here from your Malpe post , its more fun ..the beach hopping 🙂 lovely shots again ,you have Named it aptly too ! This one is KA but Malpe comes under Pondicherry it seems ?

    • Thanks a ton, dear Kokila.
      You've been beach hopping with me, haven't you? I think you missed Ottinene. That was the one I said turned out to be the best part of that coastal trip. You JUST HAVE TO SEE It, Kokila.:)

      Are you confusing Malpe with Mahe? 😉

  16. A beautiful photo essay about a stretch of coastal Karnataka – one of my favourites!!

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