Vistas from California’s ‘Devil Mountain’

Views from Mt. Diablo

Several Springs ago, we had driven to the top of Mt. Hamilton and seen Santa Clara Valley from a height of 4,200 odd feet. Then last Fall, in what was like a follow-up trip, we drove up the same range, this time to the top of Hamilton’s little brother Mt. Diablo, which lies further north of it.

Mt. Hamilton and Mt. Diablo are among the popular peaks of the Diablo Range that lies stretched east of the San Francisco Bay in California. The chain of hills that make up this range are not too high, so a trip to one of the taller summits means wide-angle views of the characteristic rolling hills of the range and the great plains that lie beyond it.

This drive to the top of Mt. Diablo was not  unlike that trip to the top of Hamilton: the highway snaking up the Diablo range through a series of twists and turns and serving us with panoramic vistas of the low rolling hills around it. On a lucky day,  I hear you can even see the more famous Sierra Nevada range, which lies to the east.

As we went further up, we were shown rooftops and treetops and eventually hill-tops and telescopic views of ups and downs and converging rivers. Here is a photo-tour of that scenic drive:

Views from Mt. Diablo
Taken somewhere on the way to the top of Mt. Diablo.
Views from Mt. Diablo
From a higher elevation.
Views from Mt. Diablo
Views from Mt. Diablo
A dell and some rolling hills yonder.

At one point we stopped to lay our eyes on Livermore Valley. I’ll say nothing more about it; these pictures speak for themselves:

Views from Mt. Diablo
Views from Mt. Diablo
Livermore Valley.
Views from Mt. Diablo
Do you see Downtown Livermore?

The summit:

Views from Mt. Diablo
Our destination – the top of Mt. Diablo and the Summit Visitor Center.
Summit Building, Mt. Diablo
The Summit Visitor Centre, a structure built of stone is by itself one of the attractions at the top of Mt. Diablo.
Mt. Diablo's Beacon

Undeniably, the biggest attraction here is the view. Here are the views from the top of Mt. Diablo, which is over 3, 800 ft in elevation.

Views from Mt. Diablo
Views from Mt. Diablo
Views from Mt. Diablo

Read about the ‘linguistic accident’ that might have won Mt. Diablo its name, here —

How Mt. Diablo got its name

Views from the top of the observation deck above the visitor center:

Views from Mt. Diablo
Views from Mt. Diablo
Look carefully and you will see the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.
Views from Mt. Diablo
Views from Mt. Diablo
What do you think about the views from the top of California’s Devil Mountain? Diabolic?

Mt. Diablo

Must do while you are  here–

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the almost- private picnic tables you find at by the side of the road that takes you to the top of Mt. Diablo.

(From where we sat, we could see the stone building at the summit on one side and on the other, the Sacramento River just before it joined the San Joaquin River and some windmills near there. )


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  1. Beautiful views,inviting scenes!

  2. Wow amazing. Great pics.

  3. Were you able to see the Half Dome? It is said that on a clear day, you can see as far as the Half Dome. I would like to come back in the wintertime to see how different the scene is.

    • I've heard you can see the Sierras and the even parts of the Cascade Range. I didn't know the Half Dome was distinct from here. So cool! Spotting that sounds exciting! Thank you for letting me know, Maria.
      I'd love to go up there one haze-free day to catch sight of more.
      Good luck to you too. 🙂

  4. Beautiful frames of the gorgeous vistas!

  5. reat place to perch and take pics.
    Thank you for showing these lovely scenes.

  6. Some of your travelogues are a treat to the eyes. Thank you for the glimpses of the 'Devil Mountain', and an almost glimpse of the Sierra Nevada range. The script goes hand in hand with the images.

  7. Stunning captures. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. That's quite a view; amazing! Great pics!! It is a good choice for a one-day outing, I'm sure. Just that I'm skeptical about the heat. Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂

    • Isn't it? Even the drive to, and the views from Mt. Hamilton are great. And Hamilton is closer to where you live.
      Yeah, both Mt.Hamilton and Mt. Diablo are great for day trips from anywhere in the Bay Area. And the heat is pretty bad now; might as well wait until Fall. And don't forget that picnic lunch, huh. 😉

    • Noted, chechi. Waiting for the summer to pass…

    • That would be the perfect thing to do, Shal. I hear that triple-digit temperatures are returning to these parts. Ouch!

  9. Diabolically breathtaking views indeed!

  10. spectacular and breathtaking views of from such dizzying heights…

  11. Loved the photo tour. The light is amazing.

  12. I have been here, Dee. Lovely clicks. You brought back some awesome memories.

  13. Wonderful captures! It was indeed a great photo tour 🙂

  14. The view from the top is just stunning!!

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