Northern California

  • One foggy day at Point Reyes

    It was a summers day. The plan was to have an ideal summer day — make a trip to a beach north of San Francisco and then go see the lighthouse at Point Reyes. Now this lighthouse is one of those lighthouses that make a perfect picture — you...
  • Folsom Lake, California

    Our World: Folsom Lake

    The weekend before last we drove through Patterson Pass Road and saw what the rains had done to the Diablo Range this winter. Then last weekend we went east to see Folsom Lake, a reservoir whose level has been an indication of how bad California’s-drought-of-five-years has been. Folsom Lake, which...
  • Patterson Pass

    The hills are alive again

    East of San Francisco Bay Area in California lies a mountain range known for its considerably low hills that are dry in the summer but turn green when winter rains call upon the area. This chain of hills called the Diablo Range is alive again thanks to the many...
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