Monday Mural | Found in Stanford

Mural - Stanford University
Here’s a mural I found inside the Stanford University Campus.
Mural - Stanford University
Do you know the name of this mural or the artist?
Or what it means?

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  1. The people seem to be natives, interesting image.

  2. it certainly adds great color and interest to the building

  3. Makes that entrance look quite interesting.

  4. Sure makes the simple building look interesting

  5. Interesting and colorful mural.

  6. I assume that it was commissioned by the university and has many meanings within the composition that are lost to the out of towner.

  7. That certainly adds something interesting to look at.

  8. Lovely mural; isn't it? 🙂

  9. Colorful. Looks nice at the entrance.

  10. Thats very contemporary, though I am clueless who created or what does it convey 😀
    Personally, I found the universities of US very fascinating (visited a couple in Boston and Princeton).. planning to write about them sometime 🙂

    • I'm thinking its talking about education and technology and all.
      I could be wrong, tho' 🙂
      It's great that these universities let us walk through them. I look forward to seeing what you saw at that the campuses you visited. Let me know if you find yourself in Stanford, ok.

      Thank you, Puru.

  11. An intriguing mural, Shweta!

  12. Quite an interesting mural!

  13. Very colorful and well formed.

  14. Murals tell us so much about the place. They have stories in them.
    Thanks or sharing.

  15. That was beautiful, Divya!

  16. It looks beautiful and somehow academic 😀

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