PhotoFeature: Portland Japanese Garden in Winter

Portland Japanese GardenI seem to have an affinity for Japanese Gardens. Landscaped with rich greenery and dotted with stone and bronze sculptures not to mention the ponds in them, these gardens seem to have a soothing effect on me. When I walked in through the gates of Portland Japanese Garden, it became the third Japanese garden I was visiting.

Earlier I had strolled through the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose – CA and later had a very informative and interesting day at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. The first time I was at a Japanese Garden I was impressed by how prim and proper the landscape looked. I had noticed the water and the bridges and the flora that stood out but never really thought about the features that lent it its character.

It was only later when I was in the garden in San Francisco that I learned that everything or almost everything in a Japanese Garden was there for a reason. It was news to me that most of the features of the garden had connections with the Japanese culture. And then some years later when I was at the Portland Japanese Garden I was reminded that Japanese gardens are supposed to have Koi ponds and bridges, stepping stones and dry oceans, sculptures and trees that coloured the park in Spring and in Autumn.

If elements of Japanese landscaping and their meanings are your subjects of interests you will like this post — Japanese Tea Garden, Features and symbolism. 

Now let me guide you through Portland Japanese Garden and give you tidbits about these oriental gardens and the next time you visit one, you are going to find it familiar. Don’t let that stop you from walking around and taking in all those things that give a Japanese garden its very character.

Features at the Portland Japanese Garden


The presence of water is unmissable at these attractions. You will almost always find a pond or two in a Japanese garden. The Portland Japanese Garden even has a few waterfalls landscaped into the garden.


Koi Ponds

Dry Ocean

Stone Sturctures

Japanese Tea House:

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  1. Wonderful. The Japanese take great pains to attain perfection.

  2. Great Japanese garden. Then the statues of the birds are a bit detonation in my mind. Wonder if they do that in Japan also.

  3. The beautiful and unique is the Japanese garden.

  4. I love visiting Japanese Gardens. They look kinda same everywhere but always so peaceful and beautiful. Loved these pictures

  5. I would love to revisit Portland.

  6. Interesting details of a Japanese garden.

  7. Pictures are truly amazing .

  8. I have always wondered about this. But we get to see variations across the world in even maintaining gardens. The european gardens look different. While japanese have this trademark authenticity of their own, which again is different from Chinese gardens. Nicely portrayed the same Japenese authenticity known to us. Great work.

    • Oh yeah. Now that I’ve seen 3 of these gardens, I’m pretty sure I’ll recognize a Japanese garden if I find myself in one. 🙂

      It was nice to see you here, Kaustubh. Do visit again. 🙂

  9. Lovely captures.
    You rightly said “The presence of water is unmissable at these attractions.”.

  10. Beautiful captures from the garden.

  11. Beautiful details and its amazing to know that how each and everything in a garden is connected to one another and has a meaning to their existence. 🙂

    • I swear.

      The first time I was in a Japanese Garden — that was almost a decade ago — I knew nothing about the quintessential elements of a Japanese garden. But I must say I felt its calming effect.

      Getting to know about the features and their significance was so enlightening. 🙂

      Thanks guys. 🙂

  12. Thank you for taking us through the Japanese Garden and whispering its secrets in our ears. Perfect images that capture the mood of the post.

  13. Beautiful place and mind blowing shots. Very nice post.

  14. We have the same affinities, especially of the ponds 🙂 I like your photos, beautifully captured..

  15. So much calmness, each leaf, each twig each stone perfectly placed and in harmony with surroundings. I just can not have enough of these pictures.

  16. From the bridge down to the small things, everything looks perfect and in harmony. I just love the Japanese aesthetic. So serene and lovely.

    • You have company, Therie. I love the aesthetics in a Japanese Garden, too. Even though all of them look alike, there’s no getting tired of them. 🙂

      Welcome here, Therie. Do come back.

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